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Current Homes for Sale in Alpine, California

Are you looking to possibly live in Alpine, California? Let’s take a look to see what is for sale in Alpine. There is currently one 1-bedroom home for sale with a median price of $220,000. With the assumption of 20% down that would be a $44,000 down payment with monthly payments of $1,038. The median asking price for a 2-bedroom in Alpine is $274,000. There are currently four 2-bedroom homes for sale. With the same down payment assumption of 20% that would be a $55,000 down payment with monthly payments of $1,293. Looking for something bigger? The median asking price for a 3-bedroom in Alpine jumps to $670,000 and 4+ bedroom median asking price is $849,000. There could be several factors for this such as lot size, home square footage, age of home, or interior design amongst many other factors. There is more inventory available for 4+ bedrooms in Alpine with fifteen homes for sale compared to five 3-bedroom homes. Remember, these are just asking numbers and not a good representation of sold prices. If you are interested in the Alpine area please reach out to Garrett Trainor at First Line Realty and he will provide a detailed report to you catered to your specific interests.

Please keep in mind these are general figures and the home you are looking for could be reflected in a higher or lower price. Also, your monthly payments may vary given your financial situation. The estimated monthly mortgage payment assumes a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) at the current interest rate. Current interest rates are favorable at an average of 3.45% down from 3.46% last month and 4.26% from last year. Payments mentioned above also includes an assumption of 1.38% for property taxes and insurance.