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Five Possible Electric Home Dangers

The leading cause of home fires is due to electrical mishaps. Learn about the most dangerous things electricians see homeowners do most often that could be putting your home at risk.

  • Using Adaptors on Two-Prong Outlets: Some older homes may have old two-prong outlets, but many of today’s appliances are three-prong. Instead of using adaptors, upgrade your outlet to a three-prong version.
  • Using Loose Electrical Outlets: Plugging into loose electrical outlets can lead to fires. Replace loose electrical outlets ASAP.
  • Using the Wrong Extension Cords Outside: Make sure the extension cord is rated for outdoor use. Otherwise, it could overhead and potentially cause a fire.
  • Overloading the Circuit: Look for signs that you may be overloading the circuit. If you suspect an overloaded circuit, contact a licensed electrician to inquire about upgrading your panel.
  • Overlooking the Importance of Ground Fault Circuits: All outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms should be equipped with ground fault circuit interruptors which will shut off power then they sense water near.